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Fitness Tracker Armband nur € 18 frei Haus  

Wireless Smart Activity Trackers Wristband Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor Sport Bracelet Pedometer Watch u.v.m.

HEALTH DATA MONITOR: Equipped with built-in sensors, which displays your heart rate, tracking and reminding the data during every sport moment, helping you arrange exercise time and intensity freely.
INTEGRATED SPORTS ACTIVITY MOVEMENT TRACKING: Advanced fitness monitor, pedometer and calorie counter are utilized to help you reach your life fitness goals, EKG/ECG displaying on the App Live Readout to monitor health, Monitor the quality and duration of your sleep with automatic sleep tracking.
0.96 INCH OLED TOUCH SCREEN TOGETHER WITH LIFT WRIST BRIGHT SCREEN: Gravity sensor lift wrist bright screen adopts the latest technology elastic element gravity sensor, which is made of storage energy chip to drive the electric shock severely change to signal conversion.
CONTACTS CHARGING: 3 excellent charging contacts provide the creative and convenient charging way, 3-5 days duration time and 7 days standby after 1.5h fully charged.
IP67 RATING: The band can be immersed in water for up to 30 minutes at a time. You can wear it freely to wash face, take bath, swim and don't need to worry about it.


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